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The Relationship between screen Brightness and View Angle

What is the difference between a LED screens' brightness and viewing angle. Well depending on the environment (indoor or outdoor) where a LED screen is installed, the requested brightness of a LED screens is different according to the environmental contrast ratio.

Difference between Indoor LED Screens and Outdoor LED Screens Brightness and Viewing Angle
Indoor LED screens request a lower brightness but request a high viewing angle. On the other hand outdoor LED screens' request a higher brightness, and also a much better better grey grade. Therefore the outdoor LED screens' viewing angle request is not as high as an indoor LED screen, generally between ± 35--± 50 degrees.

Relationship between LED Screens' Brightness and Viewing Angle

If the viewing angle of the LED screen becomes lower, the LED screen brightness will be higher, or vice versa. If the contrast ratio between LED screens' brightness and environmental brightness is higher, the led screens' showing performance will be more colorful. However, if the brightness of the LED screen is too high, it is bad for the human eye, and much more power consumption will be wasted. Also much more heat will be produced, and then the temperature becomes much higher. For that the led chip's brightness decreases much faster, and of course, its lifespan will become shorter.

Hereby, LED screens brightness and viewing angle should be applied to the LED screens' environment